Local customers can stop by our shop in the San Francisco Bay Area, but if you live anywhere else, it’s not a problem. When you are ready to get your lights customized simply remove the lights, put them in a box with good packing material, label “FRAGILE” on the box and ship them over to us. Include your contact information. Once we receive the lights you will be notified, we always stay on top of our emails, we will provide updates throughout the project.

It depends how complicated the project is. Custom projects might take up to 1-3 weeks

Most vehicles

Yes. Please contact us with more information about theproject.

For those that are interested in performinginstallation on their own, we put together a detailed information page withimages and basic steps to assist anyone from professional shops to personalinstallations. We will provide as much information as you need and guide youthroughout the process if any assistance is needed. Most of our customers arefirst time buyers and we want to make the installation process easy and simple.

Lights are coated with a special coating. We use aspecial two component coating designed for this process, not a cheap spraypaint solution as others are offering. Specs followed by the coat manufacturer.Resists power washing, polishing and scratches! We use STANDOX and BASF paint.

Other companies might try to sell you their poorquality products with our name as our reseller! LIGHT WURKZ products only canbe purchased through us directly or authorise vendors.

The same way you treat your body paint. Coating willwithstand mechanical washing, power washing, and resists polishing andscratches. Wax the lenses once a month to maintain and protect the condition ofthe lenses.

We understand the need for other drivers to be able tosee your tail lights. Tinting your tail lights will minimally decreasevisibility of the lights. The difference is very slight. Other drivers canstill easily see your illuminated lights! The effect is much like a brake lightthrough a window that has window tint. You might also consider purchasing bulbswith a higher watt rating.

Applying vinyl film is not recommended for thefollowing reasons. The film will peel off. Air bubbles will get between thelance and vinyl sheet. Clear coat will fade after a few months and might startcracking if the vehicle is parked on the sun most of the time and the clearcoat is not strong enough to protect the surface against scratches. After apower washes the vinyl will start to peel off.

Having your tail lights smoked has many advantagesover lens covers. Some lens covers require drilling holes for mounting. Othersuse the screw holes that are already available. Lance covers also will benoticeable when applied. Our light will look original.

The same way to treat your body paint! We recommendwaxing after one month to provide your clear coat with extra protection tobring out the gloss. Power Washes and Resists Polishing. Using electricbuffer-polisher will not damage the clear coat.

90 Day Warranty. All the projects that we have to workon inside will be cleaned, sealed and tested against leakages and condensationto guarantee problem free product.

Yes, you will received an email with the tracking #

Yes, please email us and we will give you the best price.

Yes 10-25% OFF the Total price depending on theproducts or service

State the condition of the box over your signature onthe receipt. If you discover a damaged part after opening the package, notifythe carrier immediately. We provide properly packaged products. We package ALLproducts with extreme care. It is the responsibility of the customer to requestinsurance of the product at the time of purchase. We are not responsible forbroken shipments where insurance is not selected or requested. Please contactus if you wish to add insurance to your order.

We accept most payment types and are always lookingfor ways to add new payment instruments.

We charge sales tax in CA. State taxes will becalculated at checkout (CA residents only)

All orders are shipped out within 1-3 Days of receiptof payment. Domestic US customers receive their order within 2-10 businessdays.The lights are packed carefully in bubble protected packages. We ship toAPO/FPO and Post Office box addresses.We ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

All shipping products shipped FedEx Ground OR USPS Priority MailAll Express Packages Shipped via FedEx 2 Day OR USPS Express MailBig Items are shipped via freight service.

We Ship World Wide with Express delivery and tracking conformation. All orders are shipped out within 1-3 Days of receipt of payment. International customers receive their order within 5-15 business days. Depending how fast package clears customs.

We ship to APO/FPO and Post Office box addresses.

We ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

We ship to international addresses. Buyers are responsible for any international customs and duties that may apply.We ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

All shipping products shipped FedEx Ground OR USPS Priority Mail

All Express Packages Shipped via FedEx 2 Day OR USPS Express Mail

Big Items are shipped via freight service.

We offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Shipping is always NOT refundable. To Customer and From Customer

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied, and all options have been explored, you can return the product for refund.Open Item 20% restocking feeOpened, but none-installed – 20% restocking feeOpened, partially installed – Contact Us for DetailsOpened, completely installed – Will not be accepted. Returned parts must be in clean, unused, original condition, packed in the manufacturer's original packaging. No return will be accepted without proof of purchase of date of sale. We will inspect all items before a refund is issued. No COD refunds accepted. All returns must have a signature confirmation. No returns will be accepted without prior authorization! If you require a warranty part, we are not responsible for the cost associated with a repair of a warranty item. If a shipment is missing any parts, the customer must notify LightWurkz no later than 5 business days from the date of receipt. Customer is responsible for replacing all missing parts after 5 days.If packages appear damaged on arrival, state the condition of the container over your signature on the receipt. If you discover a damaged part after opening the package, notify the carrier immediately. We provide properly packaged contents at the time of carrier pickup. Direct claims to the carrier. We package ALL products at the utmost care. It is the responsibility of the customer to request insurance of the product at the time of purchase.Contact us before sending returns. Please include order information with your name for a faster return process.

Please contact us for details